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Dive into the allure of the harmony between past and present with JANTHEE’s new campaign "Palazzo of Nostalgia”. We invite you to create new memories while embracing the echoes of days gone by. Experience swimwear that transcends time, colours that awaken emotions, and designs that adapt to your every whim.  Capturing the essence of cherished moments under the sun, immerse yourself in a palette of colours that evoke emotions as deep as the ocean and as vibrant as the sunset. From the earthy embrace of brown to the tranquil allure of green, the serene expanse of blue to the playful spirit of pink, our collection paints a canvas of reminiscence.  Versatility takes center stage with designs that seamlessly transform allowing you to curate your beachside narrative. Embrace the freedom to style and wear each piece in ways that resonate with your individuality. While we celebrate innovation with fresh creations, we also pay homage to timeless favourites from previous collections. These pieces, beloved by many, are a nod to the enduring allure of classic designs that never fade.    
SS23 - Island of จันที
Overlooking a pristine beach and crystal blue water JANTHEE’s new campaign captures the elegance and luxurious ambience of the Land of smiles. Inspired by the vibrant and generous Thai culture, the Island of จันที collection pays homage to the founder's home country. Returning to the roots of inspirations sparked the idea to include the Thai name of JANTHEE, จันที, in the campaign.   The Island of จันที brings together a vivid color palette, influenced by the country’s rich heritage with tropical motifs. Re-interpreting previous favorites and introducing new styles, the collection offers its new prints, the captivating ELECTRIC ZEBRA and the alluring and chic FIORE AMATO. The bright and charming colors of Southeast Asia are reflected in the dazzling and vibrant HENNA as the collection evokes the irresistible charm of sun soaked days and steamy tropical nights.
SS22 - Sahara Extravaganza
Surrounded by golden sand dunes and lush palms JANTHEE Berlin's new collection captures the playfulness and mysteriousness of a luxurious adventure in the desert. Among the exotic scenery of the oasis and traditional canopies the Sahara Extravaganza campaign showcases a mesmerizing story of a desired adventure. Re-interpreting previous favorite styles and introducing new once, the SS 22 collection is available in earthy and poppy colors as well.  To reflect the delicacy of a desert adventure we chose some exquisite earthy and crystal colors, such as the light amethyst toned LILAC, the well-known golden-nut PISTACHIO and the glistening dark-chocolate complexion of MOCHA. The poppy sky-blue CHLORINE, the renowned emerald green LE VERT and the lotus-covered royal AMENI print are here to state the playfulness and vibrance of a word traveler.
HS21 - Costa del Sol
JANTHEE Berlin captures the effortless beauty of Spanish summer, displaying a sun-drenched afternoon at the Costa del Sol.  Among glistening waters and golden dunes, the Costa del Sol campaign features JANTHEE Berlin’s novel capsule collection and offers a sneak peak into SS22. Introducing three new styles and re-interpreting previous favourites, the collection is available in a nutty PISTACHIO green and a royal AMENI print.    
SS21 - Grand Retour à la Maison
Our Grand Retour à la Maison campaign underlines it doesn’t matter where you are, but whom you are with. Shot in the renowned Hotel Adlon Kempinski in the brand’s hometown, Berlin, the campaign features a group of sophisticated boss-babes treating themselves to a weekend off with their besties.  The SS21 collection features everything from elegant colours to luxurious patterns and - for the first time ever - slip-on RESORTWEAR. Versatility remains a key component when designing the bikinis. This variability showcases in our OLYMPIA TOP that can be worn in up to 8 different ways to match any mood, preference or occasion. Our classy CLÉOPATRA print is an ode to our founder’s Thai heritage with its luscious lotus and warm tones. As a contrast stands THE JANTHEE print with its vibrant 70s-inspired color scheme and elements of 20th century cubism. Both prints were designed to mix and match with any of this year’s featured colours - from the festive LE VERT, the elegant ROZÉ to the calming AZULA baby blue.
SS20 - Singita Africa 
The Singita Africa collection showcases the contrast between nature and luxury. Shot in a wildlife rescue centre in the heart of South-Africa, the SS20 shoot features eye-catching sceneries of wildlife and bare landscapes. The sight of an unexpected furry friend and the captivating nights invite the customers on an exciting adventure.  Our SS20 collection contrasts elements inspired by nature, with poppy accents of color and lively prints. Our shining ARMY green and relaunched PYTHON print provide the perfect balance to the powerful COSMO red and the playful AZIZA print. Comfort and versatility were the key components by designing the Singita Africa collection. The first variable piece, our KELSEY TOP launched with this collection and could be worn in up to 4 different ways and mix-and-match with any of the single-colored models of the collection.
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