SS19 - A Moroccan Escape

SS19 - A Moroccan Escape

Our SS19 collection, A Moroccan Escape lets you dive into the mysteries of Morocco. The bikinis are made for the day-dreamers who only know a summer that is limitless. The campaign captures the exhilarating feeling of sipping colorful cocktails on a rooftop and the adventurousness of summer’s sun-soaked freedom. 

The SS19 collection is all about quality and comfort. The simple colors and patterns allow us to fully devote ourselves to that ‘second skin fit’ our customers know and love. The collection features a range of calm tones such as the warm TRIBE grey and the cool ISOLA blue, mixed with more upbeat colours like the flashy NEON green and the classy VINO red.

Our PYTHON print manages to combine the timeless elegance and the tasteful playfulness that is expected from such a remarkable print.

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