SS20 - Singita Africa 

SS20 - Singita Africa 

The Singita Africa collection showcases the contrast between nature and luxury. Shot in a wildlife rescue centre in the heart of South-Africa, the SS20 shoot features eye-catching sceneries of wildlife and bare landscapes. The sight of an unexpected furry friend and the captivating nights invite the customers on an exciting adventure. 

Our SS20 collection contrasts elements inspired by nature, with poppy accents of color and lively prints. Our shining ARMY green and relaunched PYTHON print provide the perfect balance to the powerful COSMO red and the playful AZIZA print.

Comfort and versatility were the key components by designing the Singita Africa collection. The first variable piece, our KELSEY TOP launched with this collection and could be worn in up to 4 different ways and mix-and-match with any of the single-colored models of the collection.

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