SS22 - Sahara Extravaganza

SS22 - Sahara Extravaganza

Surrounded by golden sand dunes and lush palms JANTHEE Berlin's new collection captures the playfulness and mysteriousness of a luxurious adventure in the desert.

Among the exotic scenery of the oasis and traditional canopies the Sahara Extravaganza campaign showcases a mesmerizing story of a desired adventure. Re-interpreting previous favorite styles and introducing new once, the SS 22 collection is available in earthy and poppy colors as well. 

To reflect the delicacy of a desert adventure we chose some exquisite earthy and crystal colors, such as the light amethyst toned LILAC, the well-known golden-nut PISTACHIO and the glistening dark-chocolate complexion of MOCHA. The poppy sky-blue CHLORINE, the renowned emerald green LE VERT and the lotus-covered royal AMENI print are here to state the playfulness and vibrance of a word traveler.

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